INTERNATIONAL FAMILIES @ Alferis Familienstudio


GERMAN conversation class for A2 & B level (approximately) with Heike Papenfuß:

Erlebe die Sprache in der Begegnung mit den anderen Teilnehmern. Lebendig und aktiv. Unsere Themen sind deine Themen, wir sprechen über das, was du ausdrücken möchtest. In einem entspannten Umfeld. In einer kleinen Gruppe. So macht lernen Spaß! Gönne dir eine vollkommen neue Lernerfahrung!

Each Thursday 9:30-11:30




Once a month we offer English & German speaking cooking classes. Kids learn how to cook healthy food easily and with fresh ingredients. During baking / cooking breaks we also find out little secrets about how and when grain, fruits and vegetables grow. Or we check out other food cultures in different countries (this is our "world-food project")

Fridays 3.30-6:00 or Saturdays 11-1:30, € 33,00 incl. food, drink & recipe 

Appointments for all cooking classes here

We also organize Birthday Parties for your Kids, they can bake their own Birthday Cake or cook Dinner / Lunch together. 



An Expat Woman´s Guide to Happiness!

I am so happy to introduce Julie Leonard with her wonderful workshops, individual coachings, or relaxing aroma-massages!

With 30 years of Psychology, Health and Coaching experience, she can help you change your life and feel truly HAPPY :-)


Calling all expat women in Starnberg area. 

Come join me for  an intimate but fun workshop where we will discuss the challenges of being an expat here in Munich and I share with you my 10 Ways To Find Happiness as an expat. 

Based on my 30 years of Psychology, Health and Coaching experience you will leave with tools and ideas to build an Intentional life here in Munich. Whether you have been here for  a few months or a few years and plan to be here temporarily or long term come along and meet other amazing women, share experiences and find ways to overcome the challenges of expat life.

This event is in ENGLISH

Cost: 20 EUR